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2017 Goals – Treehouse


2017 Goals?

Friday night as I was getting ready for bed, I said to Tara “Tomorrow is the best day of the year”.  She laughed at me as always.  Then she played along with me.  Why?  My response was “because it is the last day of the year.  I don’t have work and I have so much stuff to do”.  I, like everyone else had goals for 2016.  I need to make sure I get all my goals  done.  Because on the 1st I need to set new goals!

What are your goals?  Everyone has goals.  Not many accomplish them.

The real question is:

What is your game plan to accomplish your goals?

It is easy to get caught up in the busyness of life.  Especially where we live.  Living in the northeast is a fast paced, expensive endeavor.  You need to plan well and execute even better to stay ahead.  For me 2016 flew by.  Tara and I have three jobs each, 2 kids in college, a middle schooler and not enough time in the week.  Days just blur together.  My default response when asked a question has become.  “I don’t know, what day is it?”  At least 10x per day.  I work more than ever and work out less than ever.  Something needs to change!

One of my jobs is coaching.  It is by far my favorite.  I enjoy interacting with humans and helping them find their potential.  Identifying technical flaws, prescribing programming, goal setting, time management, sleep habits, diet habits, etc.  Everyone has endless things to improve on and I love identifying what is holding them back.  Not only do I enjoy this work I am exceptional at it.

I know what you are thinking, if I am so good at coaching what is going on with me?  Why have I been on a five year slide?


It has been five years since I have worked under a coach.  Someone to work on my weaknesses and hold me accountable to my goals.  Everyone needs a coach.  I can’t even count how many coaches I have hired.  I can tell you every one that has made a big impact in my life.  Whether it is martial arts, sports performance or fitness.  Finding a great technical coach for whatever you are learning is critical to improving.

We all attend group training.  That’s is where we get to socialize, get our training volume in and find a little healthy competition.  By it’s definition you can’t get everything you need from it.  You need to get together one on one with your coach to work on you.  What could take years in a group program happens much faster when you focus on it with your coach.

2017 is my year.  I am not going to let time run me over.  I am setting my goals this week.  I am going to have a game plan quarterly.  This is not my journey alone.  I am going to work with some great coaches to help me improve and hold me accountable.

I challenge you to join me. 

-Coach Dave

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