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Intramural Open

We are going into our 4th week of the Treehouse Intramural Open and teams are doing some amazing work! I would like to take a minute to give a special thank you to all who have donated shoes and food for our open heart challenge. We are overflowing in our shoe bin and the food bins are getting filled daily! This community’s generosity is amazing and inspiring! So again — THANK YOU Treehouse! For more information on these amazing charities – check them out below!

World Wear Project

Haven From Hunger



Sound of Music

Calling all Music Lovers!! We need your help to make sure our Treehouse is rocking some super cool tunes. What do we need from you? Open up your App Store on your phone – download the free Rockbot social music app. Find Treehouse – and check in and be our DJ. Request music for the Treehouse or create your own playlist! Maybe you are into Old School Rap — it motivates you to lift heavy — you think it will motivate others. Get those songs on a playlist. Maybe you are a fan of Barry Manilow – keep that information to yourself!

Below is the link – get on it!

Rockbot App


Member Shout-Out – Tori Bourque!

This edition of the Treehouse Member Shout-Out goes to the lovely Tori Bourque!

Above are Tori’s before and after pictures. Tori’s transformation is inspiring and personally motivates me to do and be better! Thank you Tori for allowing us to share your story.

Age: 34 (on march24)

Profession: QC lab manager

Treehouse Debut: first WOD 11/25/15

Interesting Facts: I grew up in a house with 11 people living in it (Caribbean people are not known for their quietness), once upon a time I played 4 instruments and was involved in multiple singing groups, I got my first of 4 siblings at the age of 15 (my mom had twins when I was 20), I spin fire staff, & would rather sit down and read an entire book than watch tv.

Family: Vic Gillespie and our 2 dogs Lucia (15) and Lily (3)

Favorite Workout: lifting

Hardest Workout: anything involving burpee box jumps

Accomplishments (inside and outside the gym): Gym stuff... I’ve lost 55 lbs and gone from a size 20 to a 10 in jeans. I’m stronger and believe it or not I hurt less now. Outside… I’m just happy to have a decent job, a fiancé who is my best friend, a home, dogs and good friends. I grew up with very little so I tend to focus on things like that as my priorities.

Favorite Book and/or Movie: I can’t pick a favorite book…they go with moods and times in my life. Favorite movie is probably “Practical Magic”

When can people see you at the Treehouse: I’m pretty much always at the 5:30 classes during the week.

Anything else you would like for your fellow members or non-members to know about your experience at the Treehouse: I researched gyms in the area and knew I wouldn’t stick to the planet fitness routine so I went with gyms that would get me involved but not scare me with crazy competitive stuff. It’s terrifying to walk into any facility at 246lbs and 5’3″. Walking in and never being made to feel like I didn’t belong was an amazing feeling and being encouraged by both coaches and fellow members has been so helpful. I can’t say that there aren’t times when I feel like I should be further along or smaller or better at something, but that’s me being my own worst critic. I truly appreciate the nurturing community that I became a part of when I joined the Treehouse.

On a personal note – Tori always has a smile and a sparkle in her eye. She and Vic have been such great additions to our Treehouse Family and we are super lucky that they chose us!


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