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NSCF/TreeHouse Athletics Weight Loss Challenge – Spring 2016

The end of winter is here. Time to start shedding those layers of clothing and extra weight we naturally put on during the cold winter months. Spring time is a great time of year to clean out. We do it in our homes, why not with our bodies? We have had amazing results in our past weight loss challenges which inspired many to continue their journey of a healthy lifestyle.

So what is the deal with the weight loss challenge? How do we determine success? The best and fairest way for everyone who participates is by weight loss percentage during the challenge. We want to encourage everyone to combine a healthy diet with exercise. For accurate results, we will have the same coach take all measurements at the beginning and end of the challenge. This will reduce the margin of error.

How does it work? We will break this weight loss challenge up into teams. This will help participants stay accountable and inevitably succeed. Throughout the challenge, teams will be given team challenges, extra workouts, and constant nutrition information to keep them on track. There will be weekly weigh ins and a beginning and end of challenge measurements.

This challenge will be 6 weeks long.

Cash Prize and weekly prizes to winning team for that week.

Dates: 6 weeks – April 11th through May 23rd
Register by April 8th
First Weigh-in & Measurements need to be done between April 8-11th with weekly weigh-ins every following Monday for 6 weeks.
Entry fee is $25/Member – $50/non-member
Any questions – email Tara @ [email protected]
Registration sign up sheet will be posted at the gym Monday, March 28th – (payment due at registration)

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