Wednesday, January 15th, 2014


Pullup or muscle up ladder every minute

  • 20 minute time cap
  • (work until failure then practice technique)


Max Situps in 60 seconds


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  • Jessica 'Dent' Steffan

    nice pic, sarah! 🙂

    my hammies are on fire today. boo! :/

  • Tara

    This is a great day to work on those pull ups my friends! Get in and get it done!

  • Dragon

    A rare run to the school and back warm up in January. I should have timed myself, I was overexcited and probably PR’d my 800m run. I Breifly (emphasis on briefly) considered running to 62 and back on my own account. Good mix in the programming this week. Lifting tomorrow and I’m gonna reluctantly hit the 25 min Friday WOD. Those 20 min+ work outs kill me, so I need the work. Gotta Practice what you suck at, so you get better.

  • Adro

    95/135/155/185/205 for FS/Thrusters. Missed last thruster of last set. Got 6 mu’s into round 7 then did some pull-ups and skin the cats before hitting sit-ups

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