Wednesday, February 19th 2014


Today’s workout requires max effort in each part.  Don’t think ahead in this one.  Keep yourself focused in each part.

AMRAP in 4 minutes

  • 15 Thrusters (100/65)
  • 15 Pullups

At the 4 minute mark

  • Max Deadlifts in 2 min (Thruster weight)

At the 6 minute mark

  • Max pushups in 2 min
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  • DebrAnn

    Looks like a good one

  • Tara

    Ya Kelly! Looking good! I was correct in my assumption that I would be sore today. But feels good. Back at it today at some point. Got to teach the 9am. Great to be able to jump back into it. Nice work 9amers! Come get after it today, all!

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