Tuesday, January 7th, 2014


Strategy is a big part of improving times on our Benchmarks.  Have you put any thought into what your strategy will be today?  After a benchmark is completed, when everything is fresh in your mind, is the time to review your performance.  What could you have done better?  What did your rest periods look like?  Where did you do well?  Where could you have improved?  This is where your strategy should come from.



  • Deadlift
  • HSPU’s

Tabata Squats

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  • george toomey

    Happy Happy Happy at NSCF

  • Jessica 'Dent' Steffan

    Great 6AM this morning.
    HSPU flexibility got pretty good at the end.
    Even got 2 MUs on the lower rings at the end – had to really fight for em…but I got em!!! 🙂
    Looking forward to tomorrow morning.

  • Adro

    6×2 muscle ups with a weighted vest..4:24 Rx 1:38 pr from November

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