What We Have to Offer

We have developed our programs to operate similar to that of a Martial Arts School. Mastery is our focus. You will work closely with our team of coaches to learn proper technique, movement progression, safety, and practicing a healthy, overall lifestyle. We believe this hands on personalized approach is a necessary piece of the winning equation. As a certified member of USAWeightlifting and CrossFit Inc. we adhere to a set of coaching standards that ensure you get the best training experience in the world.

Enroll today to become more fit than you have ever been, and with the help of our amazing coaching team and the greater community, we’ll help you stay accountable and on a path to a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

Group Fitness Class Description


Our fitness program works on the principle of Mastery. We utilize group fitness classes to get in the majority of workload and social interaction needed to have success long term. Our classes are structured with the belief that they need to be well rounded in all 10 components of fitness. It is not about making gains today but staying consistent and making long term permanent changes, Mastery!

We have put together our program to allow you to train in a fun social group environment getting 90% of what you need in classes to succeed on a daily basis. Because not everyone is at the same spot in their training journey, the other 10% is spent interacting with your coaching team to fine tune motor patterns, diet adjustments and adjusting your programming to what you personally need at this point in your training. Our certified, professional instructors will teach you proper progressions and body mechanics to help you safely become the best you ever.

TreeFit Conditioning

TreeFit Conditioning

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. This afterburn effect is referred to as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) and is the reason why intense exercise will help burn more fat and calories than regular aerobic and steady-state workouts.

TreeFit Drills, Skills & Conditioning


Our Treefit Drills, Skills & Conditioning classes have a similar format to our CrossFit classes with one catch. NO BARBELLS. This class focuses more core strength and conditioning. Every class has a fun team warm up, instructor led skill progressions and drilling, exercises to increase general core strength (ab heaven), and always finishes up with interval style of conditioning. This is a class you don’t want to miss. Whether you are new to working out, just getting back into shape, need a break from all the barbell workouts or just like to mix it up with kettle bells, dumbbells, sandbags, pullup bars, medicine balls, sleds, battling ropes, agility drills, running, climbing or anything else we throw at you. This class is for you!



Our CrossFit classes are the most rounded strength and conditioning classes on the North Shore. Every class starts off with proper warm up and joint mobility to prepare your body for work. After that it is on to getting advanced skill work and then some good old fashioned drilling to make it part of your new movement pattern. Next it is onto strength work. Every workout builds on the last one to keep you constantly getting stronger. Next up is the power and work capacity part of the class. There will be a short and intense workout to give your body what it needs to make huge gains. When all the action is done it is time to bring it in and stretch it out! All of that in 1 hour. The best hour of your day!