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Last week I talked about practicing your movement patterns, and correcting flaws. Today I want to discuss strategizing a plan to set you up for success. So let me start with the most important part of your class…..WARMING UP!

The beginning of every class is what sets you up for success. Your muscles need to mobilize and be ready for the volume and intensity programmed for the day. The class warm up is programmed specifically for the workload to follow. By skipping a portion of the warm-up, or not putting enough stock into it, you are decreasing the likelihood of success for the rest of the day. No one likes having a bad workout!

But we can all do a better job. Specifically when it comes to practicing and perfecting our movement patterns. You know the old saying “If you’re not early you’re late?” I want you all to try to apply that to your training. If you’re not early to the class, you won’t have the time to practice the things you need to work on. Think of this time as your “Pre Warm-up”.

All you need is 10min before the class, this will make a huge difference in your training! Here are a few things you can start doing right now as part of your pre warm-up.

  • Rolling- Rolling is slow and boring, but super effective. It takes at least 10min to really get any work done as far as loosening your tight muscles and getting them to relax. Focus on problem areas and really get into them. If you are unfamiliar with how to properly roll certain areas, grab a Coach on the floor or talk to your Coach For Life prior to when you come in. So grab a ball or foam roller before class and get to it!
  • Squat Therapy– If you are having problem squatting or there is a flaw in your movement pattern, chances are it is not going to fix itself by just doing classes. There are many things you can do for Squat Therapy. You’ve most likely seen a few from your training during Fundamentals. If you spend 10min every time you come in practicing your squats, you’ll be squatting like a champ in no time!
  • Overhead/Shoulder Mobility– Having trouble overhead squatting or fully locking out with your head through? We have many tools to help you with that. Resistance bands are a good start. We do banded shoulder mobility often in class warm-up. We also have the wall bands set up. Resistance mobility is particularly helpful on strength days when we are doing a lot of volume overhead. Use these to your advantage and mobilize your shoulders before picking up a barbell.

As always, talk to your Coach For Life before trying or implementing something you are unfamiliar with in your Pre Warm-up. Adding in 10min before every class could make the difference in your training!

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