Does Music Make a Difference in Fitness?

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One of the best ways to enhance a workout session is to listen to music.  Some of the many benefits of music while you exercise:

Music May Help You Up Your Effort:

If you look on the internet, you can easily choose your music based on the beats per minute of the song.  This can be particularly helpful when doing exercises with a cadence – walking, running, cycling.  Choosing music with specific rates may push you harder or enable you to match the demands of the work out.  For example, workouts requiring short bursts of speed and movement would mix well with high energy music (perhaps a bit of Techno!) versus post workout stretches or yoga with calm, relaxing sounds.  Music can be so intoxicating that listening to it while you exercise may push you– without you even realizing it.   

Music Makes Exercising More Fun and may improve your mood:

Let’s face it, as much as we try to make it so-exercise is not always fun, especially if you are not in the right mood.  If it starts to become more of a chore than a fun challenge, how about changing up your playlist? Listening to music you enjoy can make your workout routine more fun and reset your mood.  A positive mindset is key if you’re going to get the most out of your gym sessions- and when you start associating music with positivity in the gym, you’ll have a greater desire to keep exercising.  One of the most obvious benefits of music is that it can make you move!  Who hasn’t heard a catchy beat and started to dance and move? Music is remarkably powerful and can immediately lift your spirits; channel your energies into your workout!

Here at the Treehouse, we use The RockBot Social App for our music playlists.  Did you know that you can contribute to the playlists?!  What music gets you pumped?  What music do you enjoy while lifting that barbell?  Feel free to download the free app and add songs to our playlists.  You can vote up songs and/or decide which ones not to play.  If you need a quick demo, don’t hesitate to ask your coach for a quick tutorial.  
Coach Mark

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