To Kettlebell or not to Kettlebell…

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What’s Up Treehouse, Coach Derek here! Wanted to talk to you today about Kettlebell class, and why it is an important piece to Mastery and the overall program. Over the last two weeks, there have been a bunch of new faces in Saturday morning’s KB class. This is totally awesome and makes me a happy coach! I know that each person in KB class is going to improve themselves on literally everything we do in the general program. That makes me excited for them! If you have never attended a class, here are some reasons why you should make it a priority and maybe add it in once or twice per month. Who knows, after a couple of classes, you could be one of my regulars!


  • Performance: Attending KB class regularly greatly enhances your performance for our general program. This is because we always work on 3 things: Strength, Core and Endurance. The whole hour is dedicated to high volume strength and core movements using Kettlebells, as well as short duration, high intensity sets at the end. These high intensity sets directly correlate to your weekly workouts, and help you with maintaining a high level of work capacity. That means you will be able to work harder for longer!
  • Core Strength: Working with KBs builds tons of core strength, who doesn’t love that!? (Especially with beach season right around the corner!) Here is a write I did about core strength from last year:

“Did you know Kettlebell training drastically helps improve overall strength and conditioning? Adding in a Kettle bell program as an accessory to your main training program improves many areas of general fitness that often get overlooked. Some of these General Physical skills include, Power, Speed, Strength, Endurance, Coordination, Balance and Agility. Another benefit of KB training that many don’t realize is it helps build core strength.

In a study done by ACE, 18 people were given a KB program twice per week for one hour which lasted eight weeks. The group saw major increases in core strength, grip, and VO2 Max – just to name a few.

From ACE:

“In addition to the predictable strength gains, kettlebell training was also shown to markedly increase aerobic capacity, improve dynamic balance and dramatically increase core strength. The most dramatic increase in strength came in abdominal core strength, which was boosted by 70 percent. Meanwhile, dynamic balance (in the posterolateral direction) showed a significant improvement. In all, compared to the control group, those subjects who completed the kettlebell training showed significant improvements in VO2max, leg press, grip strength, dynamic balance and core strength.”

3.) Grip Strength: One of the great things about KB class is during our endurance sets, one of the challenges is not to put the bell down the entire time. For example, if there is a 4min set of Snatches, you will work with one arm for half the set and the other to finish. (2min Left/2min Right) This will change your perception from doing more reps, to fighting to not have to put the bell down, focusing on your pace and breathing. Less rest and more work during these sets will increase your grip strength and endurance. Want to be able to hold onto the pullup rig and do more reps? Then get your butts down here for KB class!

That is it for today, see you all Saturday at 10am!

-Coach D


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