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Recently I had a private session with one of my coaches. I know what you are thinking. Why would a coach need to book a private session? Here is why. Something has been slightly off with his back squat lately. His hip has been getting tight and bothering him. He came to me and asked if I could schedule a time to help him work it out. Everyone needs an expert eye every once in a while. This coach is well trained in weightlifting and has never had any issues with his back squat before. So what has changed? It could have been anything. One of the important concepts in training is mastery. I will dive more into that concept in another article. For today’s purpose let’s just sum it up by saying the practice to improve something for the rest of your life. Not just kind of do something but actually master it. Without going back over the basics on a consistent basis you could develop bad habits. Anything could cause this. A tired or strained muscle could cause a compensation that through repetition becomes a new movement pattern. Compound that with reps slightly out of alignment and there you have it. A hip that hurts from doing something you used to be really good at.

From the picture, the compensation of something and repetition over time has caused a slight change in how the body is aligned. You can see that from the bar angle. If not corrected this will lead to more hip pain and possibly injury. We worked through some testing and came up with our corrective game plan. The moral of the story is you need to focus on working out and mastery. One without the other will not give you the lasting results you are training hard for. Having an expert coaches eye critique your form and prescribe corrective exercises is crucial to a healthy long term approach to fitness. It is possible to workout all the time, get into what appears is great shape while causing long term damage to the body. Take control of your fitness and share the journey with good coaches.

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